Milestone Cards for dogs each card has a phrase printed saying things such as 'Today my human said I've been a good doggy'
Milestone Cards - Unleashed Gifts
Milestone Cards - Unleashed Gifts

Doggy Milestone Cards

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Doggy Milestone Cards

Celebrate each milestone in your pooch's life with these unique doggy milestone cards, a MUST for dog owners who love to share photos of their dog on social media.

These lovely, high-quality dog milestone cards are unique in that they come in a clever protective clear case which doubles up as a stand. Therefore you are able to stand the card up next to your beloved pooch and easily take their photo with their milestone card.

We offer 10 double-sided cards which give you 20 Milestones to celebrate with your dog, from ‘I’ve been to the Vets & had my First Jabs’ to ’I’m 12 weeks old today’.

There is a special occasion card for everything you want to celebrate with your dog.

Our doggy milestone cards are exceptionally high-quality cards of A5 size made from 400gsm with rounded corners.

The perfect gift for new pet owners. 

Size A5

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